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Pisces soul mission

You can start by combining within yourself the Even years after learning mine, I continue to discover new layers mine is Cancer in the 12th. Calculated by using the birth data of the individual, the nodes symbolize the unique life path that one is on and can answer many questions about his own, as well as his partner's, inner struggles and desires -- answers that can transform not only his relationship but his life. Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce said that the real value of astrology is understanding our cycles of soul growth : not prediction. The 1 st RAY is the leadership ray; it grants the ability to inspire others. Another problem that Pisces often encounter: many people often willingly receive help from them but give them nothing in return. Moondancing soul letter. We represent the expansion of mindfulness and awareness in the world that is delivered by compassion. The meaning of PISCES is found as she learns to take the journey into her creative unconscious, where her spirit is refreshed, where a period of inactivity in the outer world can restore her ability to heal and serve in that outer world. Why Romance?

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As time passes he is dumfounded by his inability to progress in life - professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. The main lesson of Illusions we all have — this world is not the way we imagine it. Focus your energies on serving without judgment It is through this great journey of inner alchemy that Pisces experiences the innate suffering that all humans are subject to. PISCES, as the last sign in the zodiac, is clearing up odds and ends left over from prior incarnations. She never feels she has done enough, so she will overwork, overgive, and overstress her physical body. Only by doing nothing will you accomplish all there is to be done.

The astrology of world affairs, human evolution, the future, and the state of the universe.

Be sure to check your chart to see where your MOON is located. That is wrong. Some Pisces believe that self-sacrifice is suffering and putting themselves on the altar as a victim. You can start by filling his life with the energy of all things ruled by the Pisces sign. By encircling himself with people who understand him and symbols that exude the Pisces sign energy, he invites the support needed to follow his internal voice and path to fulfillment. PISCES needs to be alone, to regularly retreat, to be away from the world in which they feel so uncomfortable. Since there are twelve signs of the zodiac, there are also twelve unique nodal positions -- each pair of nodes north and south representing two opposite signs of the zodiac. It also represents the talents you're here to carry forward. As time passes he is dumfounded by his inability to progress in life - professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. You can feel proud of being a centered Pisces every time you… - Help anyone. The 1 st RAY is the leadership ray; it grants the ability to inspire others.

North node (soul mission) by sign and house

  • Yes, suffering is a very powerful mean of spiritual evolution, because it destroys human Ego and reveals the true nature of a person.
  • This could lead to strong discontent — Pisces were so sure that their selfless help cannot stay unnoticed.
  • Order Your Spiritual Path Report.
  • This happens when they believe that the other person is not able to handle a certain missionn and if Pisces feel that they are stronger than the other person.

What does that mean? Sensitive, adapting, imaginative, sympathetic, and holistic, those with their Soul Potential in Pisces are highly emotional and intuitive and are able to express their feelings easily. They can be musically inclined, trusting devoted, and serene. Through the creative arts, music, and meditation, they are able to connect to their spiritual centers. They have a need to serve others, in order to develop their healing potential. Archetypes include:. Can you relate to the description above? If yes, good for you! Just a suggestion! Do you want to hear the long version or the short one? As you look them over, I want you to think about how you can begin to incorporate these ideas into your life. Take your time…try them out one by one Focus your energies on serving without judgment Surround yourself with people who can truly appreciate your compassionate, generous, and romantic nature. Incorporate Pisces symbols into your daily life to remind yourself of your mission. Now, if your significant other is the one with the Pisces soul mission, then it will be your job to help him develop and materialize his potential. You can start by filling his life with the energy of all things ruled by the Pisces sign. Surround his living space with Pisces symbols Do anything and everything you can to remind him of and support him on his Pisces journey. It is one of the greatest things that you could ever do for him — a gift of a true soul-mate!

Astrology Sign of Pisces

Since that time, she has introduced us to this very different perspective and taken us through the zodiac three times as we explored the sign pairs, soul rulers, and Rising Pisces soul mission through the lens of Soul Astrology. This will be her last regular post on RealAstrologers as she moves on into other work. She will be back from time to time with articles on other topics. I have been remiss in linking to all of her Rising Sign series but will do so soon. Also, you can continue to follow Ruth Ghosted by girlfriend her own website. As we complete our journey around the zodiac exploring the love-based expressions and fear-based reactions of the signs, we finally arrive at the magnificent and mysterious twelfth sign of Pisces: the sign of the Sacred Heart. The sign of Pisces is associated with escapism, suffering, retreats, religious orders, prisons, Pisces soul mission illusory and glamorous: photography, the movie industry, and … oceanic consciousness, devotion, and universal love. All know that the drop merges into the ocean but few know that the ocean merges into the drop. This deep sensitivity means that our Piscean friends are keenly aware of the suffering of others, so much so that it can often feel just too much. Feeling overwhelmed by the suffering in the world can prompt our Piscean friends to withdraw and to all forms of escapism, ranging from lying low with a movie and a tub of ice cream, to full-blown alcohol, drug, gambling, and gaming addictions are the fear-based reactions and personality-based pitfalls of this beautiful and mysterious sign.

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Pisces soul mission. Pisces' life mission is being the spiritual messenger…

Free stuff. Moondancing soul letter. What readers say. Handy sitemap. Are you awakening? Your symptoms. Your intuition. Your past lives. Finding your soulmate. Your purpose: karmic missjon. Edgar Cayce.


They say there is a reason for everything. We came to this world with a purpose. For us Pisces, our life mission is to spread our spirituality through healing and creativity. We represent the expansion of mindfulness and awareness in the world that is delivered by compassion.

Three steps to activating your soul mission For the rest of this article, I call your North Node your soul mission, and your South Node your talents and karma.

A Pisces True Soul and Mission

North Node in Pisces is your life purpose and soul mission, according to karmic astrology. Pisces symbolizes the EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, ATTITUDES and ENERGY to adopt throughout your life. Karmic astrology is a spiritual approach to astrology. I've created THREE STEPS to living your life purpose, outlined below. Always in search of the yet-to-be-discovered, Julia strives to offer her readers inspired ways of looking at both love and life. An Aquarian visionary of both mind and spirit, Julia is a facilitator for those seeking a different truth and deeper meaning. To learn more about your Pisces soul mission, go . In a Relationship – Pisces makes a wonderful partner in a relationship, but they can be a bit needy. Pisces often views their partner as a grounding force in their life and they can become overly reliant on this person. Pisces is so loving and attentive than it sometimes makes their partner feel smothered.

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