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Pax Arctica's Photos & Videos All photos, videos and content: © Luc Hardy / SAGAX All rights reserved

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Ottawa, last minute preparations for the Young Ambassadors

Last minute preparations for the Young Ambassadors


Luc, John Coo (Green Cross Canada) and Sebastian Copeland




We meet Beth, our Inuit Ambassador, at the airport


On the Soper River


Landing at camp site


Preparing lodging...


A curious lemming comes to our tents...


Rafting through "rapids"...

Oil coming out of the ground...

Sometimes, you need to push:
Flaam in icy water ;)

The tallest Arctic willows on Baffin Island

A Mica "mine"...

Trekking, when not rafting



The camp by the falls



Mosquitoes: everywhere, all the time.

Sea gulls chicks ont he cliff

Gourmet food






Kimmirut in sight, after crossing the lake



Off Resolute Bay

Boarding the helicopter for the ship



The Louis Saint-Laurent Icebreaker



On board the Louis Saint-Laurent Icebreaker - discussing science with the ship's captain


Cunningham Inlet: Observing migrating Beluga Whales








Beechey Island

Graves related to the Franklin expeditions


Graves related to the Franklin expeditions: a minute of silence


A dead bear cub: rumor has it that an adult killed it to access his mom...


Flying over breaking sea ice in Lancaster Sound, between Beechey Island and Resolute Bay, Canada -- July 15, 2008



Otto Fjord


Landing in two groups


Icebergs in the fjord


Icebergs in the fjord


Icebergs in the fjord


Camping site

Filming nature

Kuria interviews Matty

Walking to the glacier

Climate change Q&A with the group

Climate change Q&A with the group

Walking to the glacier: Luc and Mark

The Green Cross team was there!

Icebergs in the fjord: Flaam is reflecting...

Icebergs in the fjord

Mark posing for sponsor NapaPijri

A musk ox skull

Kuria, happy to take photos of icebergs


Icebergs in the fjord

Watching icebergs rolling!! really!! froml eft to right: Beth, Aïnhoa, Ashley, Flaam


Male Arctic Terns competing for territory...


Ward Hunt Island and Ice Shelf



Arctic Hare



Scientists measure exact GPS locationof old pollutants


Breakfast time


Small crack will get bigger :((


Walking towards northwest

Taking photo and GPS coordinates of the cracks

July 22, 2008: After 4 hours of walking, the Pax Arctica team reaches the main crack from where the ice island on the right is calving.

The team shows the Pax Arctica flag above another ice shelf crack near by.


Training for video recording



Flying from Ward Hunt Island to Eureka



A glacier


A glacier


Radstock Bay - Caswal Tower



mom and cub polar bears seen from the plane


An Arctic Fox cub, surprised near his den

View from Caswal Tower


Old Thule tent rings

Old whale bone - compare with feet size

We spotted 7 polar bears while there.

The observation, on top of the mountain

Inside the hut



Sleeping under the rainbow, with 24hr daylight

Heavy winds

More polar bears!


Polar bear


Resolute Bay

Tabitha McKell (on photo) and Sarah Hazell work on a dig near Resolute Bay




Prof. René Verreault and Sonia Lamontagne working on a Foucault Pendulum experiment during the solar eclipse of August 1, 2008.



Iqualuit: the bay at low tide
























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All photos, videos and content: © Luc Hardy / SAGAX All rights reserved