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Pax Arctica's Team

Olympia was born to a German mother and a French/Lebanese father. Olympia goes to Crossroads school in Santa Monica, California where she lives. She speaks German and English fluently and has a dog name Manolo. She loves Miley Syrus! She met Miley at a meet and greet after a show in San Diego, and Miley signed her guitar. In school, she is often making field trips and has a keen sense of the need to recycle and reduce our daily trash. She loves to dance, and is a natural performer. She dances, skis and play tennis, and has traveled to Africa and South America.

In her words:
“its me boogie i just wanted to say that i can't wait to meet u all.
i am very exited to go on this trip with u. have u ever camped on ice  or just camped? i have never camped on ice,but around california, africa and germany. i am a little scared of seeing polar bears up close, do u think that will happen? i went shopping with my mom for things we need in our beauty bag like mini tooth paste, mini soap and those things.                                                                                                                                         

I wonder how we cook and make a fire on ice?? lol=lough out loud
what are we going to eat every day? i hope not seals!
i like instant chicken noodle soup that should be easy. do u all eat meat or are u vegetarians? 
i wonder how many hours of darkness we will have at night for sleeping? do u think we will sleep when it is not dark and stay up the whole night or will we just sleep like mommy tells us to????????? i hope it is not going to be to cold. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! i have not seen the clothes we r going to wear. i hope they r warm. 
who is going to have a inuit friend? i am! i am! that is so special! I hope we will see how you live up there?!
i am still in germany so just a few more days till we  meet. 
i will bring yatzzi, i think thats how u spell it it is atherwise known as kniffel
xo's from boogie
p.s. i found a book in the libary that showed polar lights very colorful and very cool, hope we see them.

p.p.s. what is an ambassador and what do they do?”
































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